Dr Peter Dixon's  instructions for application of Obagi Nu-Derm

In the morning:

Step 1.Wash with the Cleanser Use a few drops in the palm of your hand add a little water and wash gently rinse well
Step 2.Apply the Toner with a cotton ball . A New bottle of Toner should last 2-3 months
                                                     Alternatively place  toner in a spray bottle and mist the  face. The toner lasts longer, there's no waste, and the mist feels nice
Step 3. Apply a 1/2 gm. of the Clear
Step 4. Apply a thin layer of the Exfoderm or Exfoderm Forte (step 4) where tolerated.  See Trouble Shooting Below
Step 5. If going out in the sun Apply a generous layer of Healthy Skin Protection Sunscreen

In the evening

Step 1. Wash with the Cleanser as above
Step 2. Apply the Toner as above
Step 3. Apply the Clear as above
                                                Wait 15 minutes importantly ensure the skin is dry before applying the next step
Step 5. Mix the Blender (step 5) with the Tretinoin and apply when tolerated

Use New Hydrate or Action if
30 minutes after step 5 in AM &PM skin feels dry  and irritable
Additionally use Nu-Derm eye cream if eye area feels or looks dry


Trouble Shooting:  The powerful exfoliators enhanced by Obagi's patented  skin penetrators may initially be irritating. Consistency is the secret for a great result and contrary to the official Obagi package information to application  you do not have to achieve a sever reaction in the early weeks..Remember the fable of The "Tortoise and Hare," starting  slower will achieve the same result at 6-8 weeks!

Attention to the correct application method and dosage avoids most problems

However if  your skin begins to get red and sensitive, stop using the Exfoderm or Exfoderm Forte for a day or so until the sensitivity subsides.  The same goes for the tretinoin.  Certain areas  of your face particularly around the eyelids and mouth are sensitive and in that case, I recommend that you just stop using these products in those areas.

Special application instructions:

  1. Use only Obagi system products for best result & avoiding unexpected problems
  2. Do Not Rush the application process
  3. Be careful in measuring quantities
  4. Apply measuring quantities initially to back of hand
  5. Then with the tip of one finger apply dots of product to cheek and brow area
  6. With the same finger tip gently spread product evenly back to ears and hair line. blend gently over jaw line
  7. Do Not add Tretinoin to neck
  8. DO NOT RUB  particularly over cheek and jaw. The patented technology  of Obagi products ensures effective penetration.
  9. Wipe of excess from corner mouth eye and Nose!
  10. Initially avoid the central 1/3 rd of face as it is most sensitive and actually corrects quicker than thicker skin of cheeks and brow!
  11. With deep pigmentation wait 1 minute after step3 and apply a 2nd coat of clear. Again wait before proceeding to next step.
  12. Build up skin strength prior to commencing with stronger Tretinoin.
  13. Stop the application of Exfoderm  & tretinoin several days before waxing
  14. OTHER Important Tips