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Toner - Stop the Confusion!
One of the biggest ongoing debates among beauty and skin care experts is the need for toner. Is toner really necessary? What exactly does a toner do? Read the Obagi blog to find out the truth about toners and why they should be an essential step in your daily skin care routine!

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Improve your "Obagi skin transformation"experience

5+1 Common questions answered

The Obagi Nu-Derm Program  is recommended for uneven pigment, acne scarring and sun damaged skin, BUT……… can also be a disaster that’s impossible to tolerate and ultimately a waste of time and money.
The trick to success is how you use the products!

  1. How long should my products last before I re-order?
  2. "How should I start?" "What precautions should I take?"
  3. "Why can't I use some of my other skin care products?"
  4. "Can I have a Microdermabrashion."
  5. How long is the program  what is Maintenance

 5+1"I was just wondering if you could  recommend a make-up/foundation."

Conclusion: To obtain the full benefit from your investment apply Nu-Derm as recommended and maintain the improvement by ordering replacement product in a timely manner.

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